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This cartoon illustrates the main argument against transgender students participating with the term

Unfair Playing Field

Alexis Baty, Bullseye Graphic Designer
April 11, 2021
Students that begin to get excited about Spring Break right around the corner are hit with the reality that they are not getting time off from work and many are adding additional hours during Spring Break for bigger paychecks.

Spring Break Expectations vs. Reality

Alexis Baty, Bullseye Design Editor and Staff Reporter
March 9, 2021
How could we better serve the high school students of Maize South? Could we start more after school activities and recreational options with nonfunctioning water area? What new student communities could be developed by using the space in a better way?

The Big, Ugly Pond

Cevin Montgomery, Bullseye Staff Reporter
March 9, 2021
Homecoming Results were tabulated between the students and faculty of Maize South between February 15-February 19 through email and a social media promotion that showed the candidates from each class through a Vimeo video created by teacher Jessica Buchanon.

Winter Homecoming 2021 Royalty Winners Announced

Alexis Baty, Bullseye Design Editor and Staff Reporter
February 19, 2021
According to the CDC, 72.4% of high school students are drinking more than enough water daily, while almost more than doubles the liquid next most consumed, milk.

How Do You Drink?

Alexis Baty, Bullseye Designer
February 17, 2021
Cancel Culture continues to affect teenagers based on their social media views, political takes and how much they are voicing their opinion.

Your Party is Over

Alexis Baty, Bullseye Graphic Designer
February 10, 2021
A variety of fruits and vegetables were planted in the Maize South garden several weeks before school started on Wednesday, Sept. 9

Maverick Visuals-Maize South Garden

Sydney Endicott, Bullseye Staff Photographer
October 2, 2020
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