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Bullseye Staff Awards and Recognition

This first place winning photo illustration was the first KSPA monthly contest winner for the Bullseye newsmagazine. The first issue in December 2019 was the first newsmagazine printed in over 18 months at Maize South High School.


Best of SNO (Student Newspapers Online)
One Word at a Time-Crafting the Perfect Letter of Recommendation-Bridget Johnson

KSPA Monthly Contest (August/September 2020)
2nd Place-Academic Photography-Marvin Cao

KSPA annual All-Kansas Evaluation
All-Kansas News Website-The Bullseye Online (

Best of SNO (Student Newspapers Online)
Coronafied Communication-Victor Nguyen, Piper Pinnetti, Ethan Schenkel, Megan Ta

Kansas Association of Broadcasters Student Awards
2nd Place-Best Station Website-The Bullseye Online

KSPA Regional contest at Wichita State University-February 2020
1st Place-Feature Writing-Piper Pinnetti
1st Place-Headline Writing and Design-Rian Dolph
2nd Place-Caption Writing-Piper Pinnetti
3rd Place-Caption Writing-Tyler Trice
3rd Place-Infographics-Rian Dolph
Honorable Mention-Copy Editing-Rian Dolph
Honorable Mention-Advertising-Piper Pinnetti
Honorable Mention-Photo Illustration-Tyler Trice
Honorable Mention-Editorial Writing-Ben Anderson

KSPA Monthly Contest (December 2019)
1st Place-Photo Illustration-Issue 1 of the Bullseye-Rian Dolph


Best of SNO (Student Newspapers Online)
Counter-Protesters Rally to Support LGBTQ+ Students Against Hate Group-Ben Anderson and Rian Dolph


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Bullseye Staff Awards and Recognition