Seniors Take Win At Annual Powderpuff Football Game

A late comeback in the second half sparks the Seniors to a 24-18 victory at this year’s Powderpuff football game.


Photo by Angelo Silva

Senior Madison Em lines up at the cornerback position during the Powderpuff game on Wednesday, October 11. The seniors would prove victorious winning 24-18.

Ty Rains, Bullseye staff reporter

This year’s Powderpuff football game, last Wednesday night, was a blast for everyone attending. There were tons of fun performances that the audience enjoyed, including a very trendy dance performance by the boys at halftime.

The event was previously canceled the week prior due to heavy rains throughout the day.

There were many girls who hadn’t played football before the game and just wanted to have some fun. Junior Colin Shields, varsity quarterback for the Mavericks, was a main part of the preparation for the junior team this year.

“We had four practices in the two weeks before with two practices a week,” Shields shared. “We just kind of made some plays we thought would work and went random against our defense. If they worked in the practice we thought they would work in the game so we worked out the ones we were confident in.”

Getting to coach for Powderpuff was a unique opportunity for football players to learn some sense of authority. Senior Coach Trevion Mitchell enjoyed getting to coach and improve the abilities of those he knew from the regular classroom setting.

“It is a lot of fun coaching all of them and coaching some of my friends,” Mitchell said. “We have had only one practice but they are a lot of fun. I feel like we are going to win.”

Some players felt a bit nervous during the game because they were afraid they would mess a pass or throw up. Junior Megan Ta was nervous heading into the game, but soon into the first half gained confidence and excitement needed to play at the QB1 position for the juniors.

“I felt excited and nervous going into the game because I didn’t know what to expect or if I was going to throw good,” said Ta. “As the game went on, I didn’t feel as nervous. Instead I felt more relaxed and I was hype because I was having fun and the people around me were too!”

Emily Ingrim, senior, was one of the players on the victorious senior team. She liked being able to play carefree where the players weren’t worried about carrying feelings about the game into their relationships after the game.

“I liked how we are able to just play and not have any hard feelings towards each other,” said Ingrim. “Just let it be off the field.” 

Even after his team lost, Junior head coach Alex Bonilla felt positive about his team’s energy and drive through the first quarter of the game.

“I think our team did a really good job at staying together and not getting down on themselves,” Bonilla said. “They were up 2-0 by the first quarter.”

The final score was as close as some of the girls were off the field. The juniors were only one touchdown away from winning, and the senior squad would eventually pull away in the fourth quarter with a 24-18 win. Shields was most impressed with the effort from his defense and how the junior were able to bottle up the seniors offensive attack.

“I feel like we did a good job of eliminating their offense,” Shields said. “Last year their offense scored a lot so I feel like our defense did really well at holding them to only 24 points. Our offense was also able to score a little bit so that was something we were impressed by.”