Q&A: Band member Alex Bryant-Stucky


The Maize South band regularly practices on the football field during 1st Block, regardless of temperatures or issues with the field.

Lexi Cole, Bullseye staff reporter

Q- You play in the band, correct?

A- Yes.

Q- What do you play?

A- Bass drum and I’m in drumline.

Q- Why did you start playing Bass Drum?

A- Well, I really just thought it would be fun.

Q- How long have you been in band?

A- About four years.

Q- What inspired you to join band?

A-My older brother and sister. My older brother played saxophone and my older sister played clarinet.

Q- I heard that you and the rest of the Maize Southy band had a competition recently. How did you do as a whole?

A- We placed first in our division.

Q-Where are your competitions?

A- Lee Summit in Missouri.

Q- How do you guys get there?

A- We all ride a bus.

Q- Who was your biggest competition?

A- Hitman from Missouri.

Q- How do you think you did as an individual?

A- I don’t think I did my best and I know I can do better and work harder, but I did alright, I guess.

Q-How could you have done better?

A-Well, I got off beat a few times and had to catch back up. I probably could have studied a little harder.

Q-What has been the hardest song to learn in Band?

A-Probably movement one.

Q-Can you tell me what that means?

A-I’m not really sure how to explain it. It’s just a song I guess.

Q-Do you have anymore competitions coming up?

A-This Saturday and next Saturday.