Q&A: featuring students about Homecoming Week at Maize South

With Homecoming Week right around the corner, students share why they are so excited for this week.


Photo by Brianna-Jones Rupp

Brittany Smith, junior, says her favorite part of Homecoming week is dressing up all week.

Brianna Jones-Rupp and Sydney Endicott, Bullseye staff reporters

Q: What was your favorite day of spirit week? Why?

A:  “Probably my favorite thing about this week is that I got nominated to be the homecoming prince,” Jack Bydrne, junior, said. “I was really happy that my class nominated me for this, I didn’t think they would.”

Q: How many days did you dress up?

A: “I dressed up for two days this week for spirit week,” said Lillie Johnson, sophomore, said. “I dressed up for PJ Day and Western Day.”

Q: What was your favorite thing about homecoming themes this year?

A:  “I really liked Jersey Day,” said Gavin Papacek, freshman. “I liked it because we got to wear our favorite jersey to school and got to see what everyone elses favorite jersey was.”

Q: Are you participating in the parade? How so?

A: “I am participating in the parade with the golf cart I get to drive during the parade,” Alexus Childrey, senior, said. “Our golf cart is going to be decked out in pink to match our theme for Homecoming Royalty Nominations which is going to be Mean Girls.”

Q: How do you feel about getting nominated for Homecoming King? 

A: “I am literally so excited, I can´t wait for tonight!” Ethan Sundine, senior said. “Its also just so cool to represent a group of people that don’t get represented all the time.”

Q: Did you think you were going to get nominated?

A: I had no idea! Shelly came into my 4th block and gave me a slip of paper telling me I got nominated, I was so excited and surprised,” said Joelle Frady, junior. “He told us we could pick our own walking partner which I didn’t know about so I was excited about that as well.”