‘Meat’ the Best Burger Establishment

With tasty veggie burgers, avocado options and even hot Cajun fries, BurgerFi gives new meal options for burger lovers on the west side.


Photo by Piper Pinnetti

The burger and fries cost around $10 and had an additional $2 added with the request of avocado on the burger.

Piper Pinnetti, Bullseye Advertisement manager and Social Media manager

The 316 holds many burger restaurants within its boarders. Everyone has a strong opinion about what makes a good burger, and who has mastered the art of making the best in west Wichita.

BurgerFi is a burger establishment along north Maize Road. Immediately after walking into BurgerFi, I was greeted by the owner and the employees smiled and were patient with my family’s long but scrumptious order.

Eight years ago, BurgerFi was first established in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida. Over 100 restaurants are open today, two of which are located in Kansas. The location on North Maize Road opened a year ago

I ordered a regular burger, fries, and a soda. Waiting for the food was bearable, enough time for the food to be prepared perfectly. The soda was not watered down like most chain establishments often do, and had many flavor options.

The establishment offers multiple types of burgers including the classic cheeseburger, breakfast burgers, and chicken burgers. Every burger has a variety of different cheese, sauce, and other topping options. 

BurgerFi includes different burger choices for customers who are vegetarian. Burgers such as the VegiFi Burger and the Vegan Beyond Burger include a vegetable or plant based burger, cheeses, and held together by a vegan multigrain bun. 

The restaurant will add additional toppings onto other purchases such as hand cut fries, hot dogs, shakes, and custards. 

BurgerFi has a friendly environment. Most of the light was natural from the large windows, and string lights hung from the ceiling above a couple tables gave a yellow glow. Every table was clean and there was not a single fry on the floor. 

Although the prices for the food are higher than most burgers, BurgerFi will give an excellent amount of food to make buying the food worth the money.

Bottom line? BurgerFi is the perfect place to get a good quality burger and hang out with loved ones after a long school day.