Homegrown offers vast selection and menu options while being healthy and organic


Photo by Sean Maley

The Corned Beef Hash is one of the many appetizing options served fresh and organic at Homegrown.

Sean Maley, Bullseye staff reporter

Homegrown seems to be a very popular place for students to get breakfast before school. The store has a vast selection of options, varying from their own handmade pop tarts, all the way to biscuits and gravy.

Manager Sarah Schryk seems very enthusiastic about more Homegrown stores opening, and the future of Homegrown.

“We have two locations, our west side location is the first location,” said Schryk. ¨We also recently opened an east side homegrown restaurant in Bradley Fair back in March, and in October or November we will be opening one downtown.”

While Homegrown may seem like your typical restaurant, it is far from it. The restaurant focuses their efforts on getting all of their ingredients locally, fresh and organic. This offers high school students a very tasteful and enjoyable meal they could have with their family or friends before school starts, while also eating a healthy and much needed breakfast

We try to do everything locally as possible, so we get our beer from wichita brewing company and other things from nearby, such as honey and our bread,” said Schryk. “However, we obviously cannot get things like avocados in Kansas, so we do order things we can’t get a hold of ourselves.”

Homegrown brings in their food and ingredients from businesses around the Sunflower State to keep their business local. These businesses include Yoder Meats, Delano Bakery and Reverie Coffee Roasters.

“On the back of our menu it has all of our partners that they partner with, I think that’s important because it sets us apart from other restaurants,” said Schryk.

Alyssa Magdaleno, a sophomore at Maize South High School, enjoys the atmosphere just as much as the delightful food they serve.

“It’s really welcoming, and it just gives off a really home like vibe, and everyone is so polite there,” Magdaleno said. “I usually get biscuits and gravy, with potatoes and of course coffee.”