A meal with Whitney Steele: Nippon Grill & Sushi


by Whitney Steele

Nippon is located at 4041 N. Maize Rd., across from Woodard Mercantile in the newly built strip on the west side of Maize Rd.  When you walk into Nippon you’re met with an assortment of Asian cuisine, and if you are in the mood for Japanese food, then Nippon is the place to get it. Nippon has a great selection of seafood as well traditional Japanese dishes. The food ranges from fried rice and crab rangoons to Chicken Teriyaki and Hawaiian Rolls.

Nippon is known for their sushi, and although I didn’t try it, their sushi looked appetizing. There is a lot of fish and meat on the menu, but there are some selections for vegetarians.

To satisfy my taste buds I got the sweet and sour chicken. The chicken was scrumptious and it came with a side of fried rice. This meal only cost $4.99 and it was worth the money.

The service at Nippon is good, the head chef came and checked on my table at least three times between the time they delivered my food and the time I left.

Chefs cook the food right behind the counter, and when it’s done they bring the food out while it’s still steaming.

Nippon also offers a senior discount. If you know anyone over the age of 65 then they will get a senior special when they go into Nippon. One example of this deal is that on the regular menu Sesame Chicken is $5.49 and the senior special is $4.79.

If you are in a hurry and looking for a place to enjoy a Japanese or seafood dinner with a varied menu offering, then I  recommend Nippon.

This dish of Teriyaki Chicken with fried rice and crab legs is available at Nippon Grill and Sushi. If you are in the mood for Asian cuisine, you might just want to take a visit to Nippon, located at 4041 N. Maize Rd.