Bonjour to a New School Year

French Club meets one time per month for fellowship, food and celebration of culture


Photo by Rian Dolph

Madame Kerr explains to the members of French Club how chocolate eclairs are made.

Rian Dolph, Design Editor

If you walk into a French Club monthly meeting, you can find students enjoying themselves as they gather around for creamy delights as Mrs. Kerr, French teacher, explains how she creates the chocolate-covered pastries through a video on YouTube.

On Friday, September 6th, the Maize South High French Club held its first meeting. They ate chocolate eclairs, a cream filled french pastry, while deciding on their activities for the year, as well as their club leaders. 

The ten-year-old club decided on four seniors, Connor Jones, Addison Parks, Jameson Thibodeux and McKenna Aubuchon, to be the leaders for the year. The four seniors will be assisting Mrs. Kerr with running French Club, and helping with organization of the club. 

Each of the seniors aim to keep things going smoothly this year. When asked on why she offered her assistance, Aubuchon said, “I have seen previous people do it and I know how it goes, because I have been in it since Freshman year. I have seen things we can improve upon. Keep it sane.”

To join, each member must pay ten dollars to cover the costs of the monthly food and activities that the club partakes in. The club has multiple activities planned for throughout the year, including the yearly Mardi Gras celebration and a Christmas celebration which is unlike the Christmas we have in the United States. 

Senior Addison Parks enjoys the art of speaking the language and tasting the delicacies.

“I just love French Club, speaking French, I love Madame Kerr and I love french food,” said Parks.

Parks has taken four of the French language courses, and has continued to the fifth level. Parks has been a part of the French Club since her freshman year, and continues to love the culture and language. 

The monthly food tastings carry a huge emphasis for those to participate in the club. Mrs. Kerr wants to give the students of Maize South the chance to experience genuine French cuisine, which allows her to cook for her French Club members.

“The goal for French club is to spread the love of the culture, and while doing that we make memorable experiences through Mardi Gras celebrations and our monthly food tasting,” said Mrs. Kerr.