Not Your Ordinary Cafe

Moxi Junction provides a friendly atmosphere, tasty coffee and beautiful artwork for sale.

Moxi Junction is its own bakery serving scones, paninis, and even stromboli.

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Moxi Junction is its own bakery serving scones, paninis, and even stromboli.

Brianna Jones-Rupp, Bullseye Editor-in-Chief

Opened in August 2014, Joanna Kilgore opened a little cafe in the city of Maize but for a different reason than most who start a business. 

Joanna Kilgore opened Moxi Junction in 2014 for one sole reason. Her son Laren, who is currently 32, was born with autism had graduated high school but had nothing to do after he did graduate. 

“He did not have anything to motivate him to leave the house or get out of bed,”  said Richie Rathbun, manager. “After doing some research, Joanna decided on a unique building that houses a coffee shop, bakery, and art gallery. She originally chose a coffee shop because there was not a local coffee shop in the area.” 

Originally, every worker had one title (cook, cashier, barista, etc.) but now multiple employees have three or more titles. Kilgore chose to have a cafe as her business because there is not many local cafes in the area.

“Our staff is naturally diverse, due to the wide range of special needs workers we employ,” said Rathbun. “It has become a huge part of our business.”

Moxi has numerous Maize residents coming in for their coffee, beautiful artwork and wonderful environment. However, Moxi doesn’t only just get resident visitors. Many people travel from all over the Wichita area for a cup of joe or one of their treats.

“Our customers come from all over Wichita to visit us,” says Rathbun. “Even some from out of state make the trip just to see how a business functions with so many special needs employees.”

Moxi has been a successful business for five years, giving those who struggle finding employment due to their disability a place to finally get that first-hand job experience, all while also serving amazing coffee and pastries with a friendly environment.  

“Our current mission remains the same,” Rathbun said. “Support young adults with special needs in the community. Our employees themselves have more individual goals that they strive to achieve.”