Money, Money, Money,

The votes are in; the USD 266 bond is a green light for the district

Video by Sydney Holmes, Megan Ta, Victor Nguyen, Trey Green and Kaydence Gayden


Photo by Rian Dolph

MSHS front office board describes the first preposition for the bond issue.

Rian Dolph, Design Editor

On Tuesday, August 27, voters across Maize gathered together to decide on the USD 266 bond issue. The bond aims to improve the schools for all grades, such as adding two more elementary schools and more lockers for middle school students.

The bond also takes aim at adding a shared pool between Maize and Maize South, along with several new classrooms for the growing Maize South student body.

There was a surprisingly low turnout for voting. Only 2,989 of 25,873 of voters, roughly 11.6 percent, came out to vote for the students of the Maize district. 

“I was somewhat surprised on the low turnout of voters but very happy with the outcome of the vote,” said David Hickerson, Principal of Maize South High School.

The outcome of the two different propositions were yes, therefore giving the district the full $108.2 million dollars.

Hickerson was confident that if there was a larger turnout that there would have been the same vote result. “I believe that the community showed that they were in favor of the upgrades and the new additions to help accommodate the district’s growth, and to maintain the safety and security standards set forth by USD 266.”

For Maize South High, there are current plans for what will be changed or improved. The plans include six new classrooms, a new camera system for security, a remodeling of our kitchen, replacement of the old FOB system for teachers, upgrades to the classroom locks and a new swimming pool for our swim teams. 

When asked about the pool, Hickerson said, “The pool will also allow for swimming to be incorporated into the curriculum, specifically for kindergarten through second grade physical education students. Students with special needs will have access to a new learning environment that accommodates them.” 

Even though it is known on what is planned for the school, it isn’t known exactly how much of the approximately $108 million Maize South High is going to receive to implement on the changes.

Maize South administration and central office will be meeting in the future with engineers and architects to discuss in detail what exactly is going to happen as well as the costs of the projects. The amount the school is going to receive is going to be based off of these cost projections. 

“I’m really excited about the upgrades and new additions at MSHS. The future looks bright!” Hickerson said.