Heavy rains put wrinkles in athletic fields and teachers’ classroom plans


Photo by: Tyler Trice

Several fans lined the hallway and classrooms to keep the damage to a minimum from the rains.

Tyler Trice, Bullseye staff reporter

Last Wednesday night, several classrooms at Maize South were damaged by over three inches of rain causing several teachers to temporarily move lessons and classes to unaffected parts of the building.

Lindsay Williams, social studies teacher, was one of those affected by the storm, requiring her to reschedule her entire day.

“It was a bit of an adjustment for a bit,” Williams said. “But once we got used to it, it was fun to be able to teach in another room.”
The rain waters also affected the kickoff of fall sports, damaging the football field and the YMCA field, creating restrictions on general practice areas for the boys’ soccer team.

“The storm the other night caused there to be some wrinkles in the turf out there just from the rush of water,” Curtis Klein, Athletic Director, said. “Most of it is isolated to outside of the playing area right now, so pretty extensive damage.”

Maize High South soccer coach, Rey Ramirez, doesn’t see the weather issues causing a problem early in the team’s season.

“Things like this are bound to happen…,” said Ramirez. “A little weather damage to our sports facilities is something that can easily be overcome- it takes much more than that to slow down the Maize South Mavericks.”