2011 grads paint, share joy


Amanda Kline, '11 South grad, traces mural on Aug. 11. Kline and grad Kat Lowe worked on the mural during the summer and hope to complete it before school starts. Photo by T. Mitchell

by Taylor Mitchell

The class of 2011 has graduated, but that hasn’t stopped Kat Lowe and Amanda Kline, both South grads, from continuing to leave a legacy by painting an English mural in the E110 hallway.

“I was inspired [to paint the mural] by all the stories I’ve read in the past four years of high school. I’m hoping to inspire others to find the same joy I did,” Lowe said.

 The end product is the result of Lowe’s sketches and drawings that have spanned over a few years. Kline has also helped Lowe with the mural’s production.

“I’m just a worker bee. I miss my teachers, so doing this lets me help my friend and get to see them,” Kline said.

The mural combines Lowe’s love of art and English by featuring characters from Fahrenheit 451, Animal Farm, Romeo and Juliet, and many other stories she’s read throughout her high school career.          

“Opening up a connection to students who don’t see the need to take higher English classes and to leave my imprint forever on this school are some reasons why I wanted to do the mural,” Lowe said.

Kat Lowe, '11 South grad, works on transferring the image for the mural she designed. "I was inspired by all the stories I've read in the past four years," Lowe said. Photo by T. Mitchell