Orchestra performs small ensemble pieces, prepares for State


The students participating in orchestra practice for an upcoming performance.


The students in orchestra at South and Maize High recently participated in a performance. The performance took place at the Maize High auditorium and included not only Orchestra I, but Orchestra II students as well.

“I’m going to be critical on myself, but I think I did a lot better than in a lot of my practices so I guess that is all that matters” Joey French, 10, said. French plays the viola.

Despite some being nervous for the performance, orchestra students performed with confidence.

“Honestly, I know this is going to sound corny, but the positive reinforcement from both our teachers, and our peers really does help give us confidence for the performance,” French said.

As a group they were very confident and knew their strongest point as a group, which lead to more successful performances.

“I think what makes us so strong is that we all know each other personally, and we are very kind to each other which really helps us synergize well,” Sydney Epke, 9, said. Epke plays the viola.

While they completed the performance with little to no errors they continue to search for new ways to improve.

“I think ensemble-wise,we could use a little bit of more teamwork, but other than that I think overall we rocked it,” Gibson Basil, 11, said. Basil plays the viola.

The students participating in orchestra practice for an upcoming performance.

The combined orchestra between Maize and South rehearses at Maize High. The performance on April 9 was in preparation for Regionals, while the performance on April 13 was in preparation for State. Photo by K. Fischer