South Seniors Direct Student Play



The Advanced Drama class recently got assigned to direct a play for their primary project for the fourth quarter. This is also the first year the class will try their hand at a full-length play. The senior-directed play will be And Then There Were None, also known as Ten Little Indians, by Agatha Christie. The students were allowed one month of preparation and the play will be performed Apr. 27.

“We thought it would be interesting to do a dramatic history kind of play because we have never done any of those types of plays before,” Maizey Edgar, 12, said.

The seniors came to the decision to direct And Then There Were None as their play since they had good memories from reading it.

“We all really liked the play and were familiar with it because we had read in eighth grade,” Emma Queen, 12, said. “It also fit very well because it had the appropriate amount of actors we had in the class.”

Wesley Rice, drama, gave the seniors complete leeway to create the performance, from set design to auditions, and will act as the advisor for the students, giving them feedback throughout the process.

“If I notice anything they’re doing anything incorrectly or inefficiently, I’ll step in and offer my guidance when needed,” Rice said. “Half way through the semester, I’ll provide the students with an evaluation of their direction.”

Auditions were held the day after seniors decided the play and only students in the class were allowed to take part.

“We called a part and whoever wanted to read for the character came and read for it,” Queen said. “After we listened to all the auditions, we had call backs to finalize the actors we wanted to play the part.”

The students in the Advanced Drama class seemed to have very high confidence in the seniors ability to direct the play at South.

“I’m not nervous of the seniors’ ability to direct the play at all,” Austin Eck, 11, said. “I have complete confidence in them because they have a lot of experience from their previous shows, I feel like they know what they’re doing.”

The seniors directing this play are: Maizey Edgar, Hannah Hendricks, Cassie Ketcham and Emma Queen.


A list of all South students related to the And Then There Were None play. The students are performing the play on April 27th after getting one month to prepare for the play. Photo by J. Vo