School board makes decision to compensate for the snow days


The School Board for USD 266 recently concluded that to compensate for the snow days this winter, we will be required to attend school on April 2.

The make-up day will take place on a Monday, and it will affect all USD 266 schools.

“I think that it is a good idea that we are going to school on the in service day, because that way we don’t have to go to school for an extra day, and we can just get it over with and not have to deal with it later down the line,” Seth Coleman, 9, said.

While one of the most popular opinions was to add a few minutes onto each school day, that was not one of the possibilities to choose from.

“While adding minutes to each of the remaining school days seems to be the most popular option,” Chad Higgins, USD 266 Superintendent, wrote in an email. “It creates some logistical challenges, and, in all reality, is not instructionally or professionally valuable.”

Students have mixed opinions on what should be done to make up days, some are disappointed that they have to make up any school days at all.

“I’m kind of disappointed that we have to make up snow days,” Blaine Cunningham, 10, said. ”When we haven’t had to make up any snow days in a couple of years.”

Some students had plans made on their day off, which will be a problem for some students.

“They are taking away the time to hang out with my family, and family is everything to me,” Aaron Ward, 9, said. “We had a family gathering planned for that day actually, and this will be ruining a lot of my plans, I was really hoping to get to see them.”

While adding minutes to the end of the day was an option, ultimately they decided upon taking away a comp day.

“Finally, in the event that we must take one or more additional snow days this spring, the only solution to meet the required number of contact hours will be to extend the school year,” Higgins said.


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