South students weigh in on end of Term





The third term of South’s 2017-2018 school year is coming to a close on March 9. With a new term comes new classes and reset grades.


So far, the year has reached far past it’s halfway point, while some students seem to be having bad luck and others seemingly able to keep up with the pressure. One student even got his car robbed.


“I have two A’s and two B’s, my car got broken into and they also stole my backpack,” Jakeb Wilson, 9, said. But other than that this term has been going great.”


Some students we interviewed felt like this term was lengthy compared to the other terms. Others, however, felt like it was shorter than average, and some didn’t really feel like it was shorter or longer than average.


“This term felt extremely short compared to the other terms,” Nick Schaeffer, 9, said.


Some of the students we interviewed, however, agreed that keeping up with their grades was getting pretty stressful, and about half of the people we interviewed mentioned they were nervous for the end of the term, as they felt discontent with their grades.


“I don’t want the end to come because I have bad grades in some classes,” Nick Guerra, 11, said.


However, others feel content and some even confident in their grades this term.


“The only easy class I have is Aerospace,” Austin Vaughn, 11, said. “I have algebra 3, chemistry, and psychology. The hardest class I have is probably psychology because we have to fit a whole semester into a term.”


Students have until March 9 to get their grades up to satisfactory level. At the end of the term, South students will be 3 quarters into the school year.


“I am looking forward to next term being the last term of the year,” Maddox Shunatona, 9, said. “I am excited to be able to go home and see my favorite dog in the world.”