South students administer the AP Stats poll


By Emilio Lim, Mikayla LaBee & Sean Maley

Joel Burgeson’s second block Advanced Placement Statistics class has created a poll on certain things that they believe will be an improvement to our school.


“The poll is asking a lot of questions, a couple is if we should add lockers, if the water bottle stations are being used and how much we would pay if we got a designated parking spot that we could design,” Davina Nguyen, 12, said.


Many people who were chosen to fill out this poll gave input on their thoughts and opinions of changes being made around the school. If put in place, some changes would be more lockers and personalized parking spaces.


Some of the South students said they were willing to pay up to $200 dollars to be able to create and have their own style when they park at school everyday. As for lockers, some were not as happy with the idea of adding more, believing that were already more than what was needed and that they would cover some of the murals around the school.


“I personally feel like we need to remove lockers instead of adding them, and I would be willing to pay up to $200 for personal parking spaces,” Nguyen said.


These changes enable students to be more creative at school while creating a better and more friendly environment; letting people express themselves as they’d like. If these were to be put in place, they would start within the coming 2018-2019 school year and would be open to all eligible drivers.


With the upcoming new ideas for the school, there is always a flip side to the opinions of change. Some of the teacher’s viewpoints on the personalized parking spaces are of that the students are not all getting a fair chance to have a parking space and to have the same chance to get a better locker than someone else. Tiffany Riedel, registrar’s idea of the personalized parking spaces are that not all students are capable of paying for a space, which leads to it becoming unfair. As with the lockers, she believes adding more is a great idea to help students get a better chance of getting closer to their classes, but some may lose their good spot.


Students of Joel Burgeson’s AP Statistic class share their opinions on the poll’s questions.


“I think the lockers are dumb and nobody uses them anyway, but the parking spaces are cool.” -Sloane Gleeson, 12, said.

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Students of Joel Burgeson’s AP Statistic class share their opinions on the poll’s questions.