2018-2019 enrollment makes students think about new classes



As enrollment for 2018-19 school year begins. Students discuss classes they wish South offered.

‘Well, I think it’s not a matter of the amount of classes, we just offer different classes,” Lyndsey Brown, counselor, said. “With the Maize Career Academy a lot of the classes that Maize High has offered previously that we haven’t had are now available for our students.” 

There are coming classes that introduce students to new career pathways at South, but the students that are interested in them would like to see additional classes related to that subject.

“I wish we had more veterinarian, animal science type electives,” Grace Lowe, 9, said. “I know we have one coming up for next year, but, I wish there was more options for people who wanted to go into the veterinarian medical system.”

Maize High offers some electives South students could take. This includes orchestra and Mandarin Chinese, although most students prefer to stay at South.

“I don’t like the fact that I am late half the time to second block because I have to ride the bus and put my instrument away,” Stephanie Ramirez, 9, said. 

Maize High also offers electives that are not available to South students, including Art Appreciation, Jewelry, American/Environmental Literature and many others.

“I would be interested in taking the sewing and jewelry classes that Maize High offers,” Annalise Fischer, 11, said.

Some students don’t know what career pathway they want to follow which makes it hard to fill their schedules.

“I feel like we need a class that is kind of like a broad almost overview of different career aspects,” Courtney Weir, 11, said. “There is a lot of people that don’t know what they want to do, so I feel that they need a class with a little bit of engineering, a little bit of health, a little bit of teaching. Just all of that.”

South has recently added new classes like PE Advanced and Theater and Film, but students would still like to see more.

“As far as electives go, there is not a lot that Maize High offers that we don’t have and part of it too is the want, the desire,” Brown, said. “As kiddos tell us what they are really wanting to be enrolled in then we talk about those and try to get those classes to be available for students. A lot of it comes out to need or want of the classes.”

021118 Counselor's Corner KF edit

Enrollment information in the Counselor’s Corner on the school website. Photo By K. Fischer