Bus misconduct leads to question in kindness



As the school year is coming closer and closer to an end at South, more students are misbehaving on the bus, making it difficult for bus drivers to do their jobs. As stricter rules are enforced by the bus drivers, it has resulted in an increase of student misconduct on the bus.

A common occurrence for students on the bus, is to hear other students cursing and on some occasions, throwing objects.

“There is a lot of cursing, they give the bus driver attitude, and they even give me attitude which annoys me too,” Rhys Ashton-Owens, 9, said.

Some students and adults believe that the reason for this misbehavior is because there aren’t any strict rules in place, like in a classroom.

“I think in part bus misconduct happens because students are in an unstructured environment, “ David Nash, assistant principal, said. “They are just sitting and visiting with no real goal in mind other than to ride the bus to school, and they get bored.”

Students attempt to stop the problems themselves.

“Other students could try to prevent this stuff from happening but I don’t think that they could stop it,” Maddox Shunatona, 9, said.

In addition to trying to prevent misconduct from happening, another solution could be to just simply be nicer to each other.

“I think the only way that students could really do anything about it, is just to be nicer to each other,” Maggey Canter, 9, said.

In all, bus misconduct is a serious situation and student and driver communication is very important on the bus. However the simplest answer could just to be kind.

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Photo by Jenny Vo