Book club allows students to enjoy reading



This semester at South a few students decided they wanted to start up a  book club. They  assigned each other books to read and in two weeks are expected to discuss the book with fellow members.

In the book club, students get the opportunity to experience different things.

“Well we wanted to kind of get out of our comfort zone with reading,” Annnalise Fischer, 11, said. “And we thought that this could be a good way to get more people involved.”

Robyn Jaso, English, is the sponsor for the book club and can’t wait for it to take off.

“ I love to read, especially young adult fiction,” Jaso said. “ I love that there will be a group for kids that are average readers so I think they need to have a place to discuss books.”  

 “Jaso is new and really nice, and she loves reading the same things as we do,” Fischer said. “I think it’s absolutely amazing because she’s so nice and so energetic about it all.”

So far, there have only been three meetings for the club.

“Right now the first book is a historical fiction young adult book,” Jaso said. “But after this first book it’ll be up to the students for what they want to read.”

Book club photo edit MD

Robyn Jaso, English, poses with her favorite book. Jaso sponsors the book club. Photo by M. DelReal