Art Club plans trip to Crystal Bridges



South’s art club has planned a trip to Crystal Bridges, Museum of American Art on Feb. 26. Crystal Bridges is a nonprofit charitable organization located in Bentonville, Ark.

“It’s a good place to take art club because the museum itself has a lot of very good art pieces like Picasso paintings and stuff like that,” Haleigh Grote, 11, said. “Also it’s stuff you would not normally see like around here in Kansas and the journey there is also exciting.”

This is not the first time South’s art club has planned field trips. They’ve even made trips to Crystal Bridges before.

“They have incredible art exhibits from internationally recognized artists,” Dan Gegen, art, said.  “They also have an amazing permanent collection and an outdoor sculpture garden. Crystal Bridges is donating most of the money to cover the cost of chartering a bus; however, students are required to put a small deposit to hold their spot on the bus.”

The museum holds lectures and classes for students and teachers who are interested in different types of art. The museum also contains five centuries of American masterworks.

“I am going this year, I went there last year and it is just a really neat museum to go to,” Mark
Ahlman, 11, said. “This is the first year I have actually been in art club. I think going is a good idea because it is a good art museum. It’s one of the best that I’ve ever been to, it has a good insight on art.”

Some South students went on the art trip to Crystal Bridges last year, and they are looking forward to going again this year.

“I am hopefully going to Crystal Bridges, I haven’t been on any other art club trips,” Kyara Wondra,12, said. “I know art changes a lot there, and though I went last year, I am excited to see new pieces that are there and I am just excited for the trip there all together.”

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Art Club plans trip to Crystal Bridges on Feb. 26. The annual trip to the museum, located in Bentonville, Ark., lets students explore American Art.