Students prepare for homecoming



This spring semester, South is having a Destination Las Vegas theme for homecoming. The spirit week was put together by the student council. The homecoming dance will be on Feb. 9  from 8-11 p.m. in the commons with an entry fee of $5.00.

Like many things, the process of planning a school dance is difficult and time consuming.

“Typically, when we’re going ahead and organizing the dance, we have to first think of a theme for the dance, how we’re going to decorate, what snacks we’re going to have and just advertising the dance,” Greg Shelly, StuCo sponsor, said. “And we also have to try to tie in the spirit days with the theme for the dance.”

Teachers and students alike are excited for the dance and can’t wait to participate in the spirit days.

“I’m kind of sad that the Disney theme was nicked.” Lyndesy Brown, counselor, said “But I think the Destination Las Vegas theme is an original and fun idea.”

A lot of time and effort goes into the preparation of the dance alone in order for students to get ready.

“I’m going go buy a dress, new shoes and I’m going to go get my nails and hair done.” Alexa Blair, 11, said. “So I’m really excited for the dance.”

Part of the homecoming experience also includes a royal court, where students vote for their favorite student nominee for king, queen, prince and princess of South.

“I’m excited,” Jonathan Pennington, 12, said. “It’s just kind of fun to participate. I don’t really, necessarily care if I win.”

For some, this will be their last homecoming in their high school careers and hopefully it will be one to remember.

“I’m really excited,” Davina Nguyen, 12, also nominated for homecoming queen, said. “This is going to be one of my favorite memories, it’s like a dream. I’m also really sad that this is my last homecoming. I had a great experience in high school and I kind of don’t want to leave, but you just gotta move on with the world.”

020118 Spirit days poster Edit 2

Poster made by Student Council for spirit days. Photo by M. Del Real