South students reveal their favorite music artists after the Grammy’s


This years Grammy’s was one to remember.



This year’s Grammys were one to remember. There were many known artists that won many well-deserved awards.

”This year’s Grammy’s were a lot better because more people wanted good a artist to win,” Aaron Ostrander, 9, said.

Bruno Mars was one of the top nominees going into this year’s Grammys. He also was one of the most awarded artists at this year’s Grammy’s, he won six awards.

“This year’s Grammy’s were pretty special this year because I enjoy watching all of those artist come out and being awarded for all of their hard work, especially Bruno Mars,” Spencer Steinhoff, 11, said.

This year’s performances at the Grammys were viewed by millions.

“This year I thought the Grammy’s were very political with all of the people saying that different people should have won different awards,”Blaine Cunningham, 10, said.

There were many different kinds of musical artists nominated for awards, such as Rock, Hip Hop, Country and more.

“My favorite kind of music would have to be country music, and my favorite music artist is Lil Pump,” Cunningham said.

This years Grammy's was one to remember.