South hosts Student Congress




On Jan. 26, South hosted the first Student Congress tournament of the season. A total of 11 schools participated. Student Congress is a mock congress divided into chambers such as Novice House I, Novice House II and Senate. The Congress took place from 3:00 to 9:00.

In the Congress, students debated on mock bills and resolutions to pass such as: “Should the FCC reconsider their decision on net neutrality?”, “Should we get rid of our nukes?” and “Should we stop minting the penny?”

“There were several houses and I think 11 chambers.” Kimiya Monfared, 12, said. “The houses were: Novice House I, Novice House II, Senate and House.”

One student takes the role of presiding officer which never acts in the Congress but is above it. They’re the one that corrects someone if they make a mistake with points of order or speak out of line. In the novice houses the presiding officer has a judge that will help them get used to their role in the Congress.

“Being the presiding officer was a bit stressful at first, but over time I got used to it.” Christian Higares, 9, said. “The judges there were a great help as well.”

It took many of South’s students to set up the tournament. Some of them ran concessions and others set up rooms. A lot of them stayed for the entire Congress.

“The tournament seemed fun for the people in the tournament.” Bailey McCosh, 11, said. “I was just helping out.”

The next Student Congress is on Feb. 2.

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Preston Timmons, 9, delivers an impromptu speech during class. Timmons went to Augusta High School on Jan. 27 to compete. Photo by E. Lim.