Newsworthy announcements at South see changes



Second semester at South, broadcasting upgraded the announcements to expand student and staff knowledge on news around the school. For students who a no-block, they are able to watch the announcements on the class’s YouTube channel.

On Jan. 22, the first showing of these announcements debuted on the morning broadcast.

“I don’t like to do a ton of announcements in the morning,” Dave Hickerson, principal, said. “It’s better so that I’m not talking for eight minutes each morning, and it’s really beneficial for students and teacher.”

Some broadcasting students say it is helpfu for them and other students to obtain information from the broadcasting production.

“We wanted to get as close to real-life working environment like KAKE News,” Blake Bontrager, 12, said.

The old announcements were worked into the school’s schedule, but there was always time left after them. Now, the new announcements fit better into each teacher’s class schedule.

“I don’t think the new announcements take up too much work time for the students,” Greg Shelly, math, said. “I actually want them to be a little longer so students can have more information.”

Students have a variety of opinions about how they feel after watching the announcements.

“I think the announcements will be more helpful as a lot more things start kicking up with sports, drama and everything that goes on around here,” Ben Bolinger, 11, said. “I think it will definitely keep people in touch with what is going on.”

The broadcasting staff is still learning new things to improve, but a majority of the students and staff find the new announcements engaging.

“They once had an issue that we could not hear it very well,” Lyndsey Brown, counselor said. “But they fixed the sound; I liked everything else about it.”


The announcements are sent via email as YouTube link each afternoon to be played the following morning. Blake Smith, science, is the sponsor of the class; he also serves as weatherman on KAKE News. Photo by E. Ford.Announcements