South students reveal their favorite music apps


Graph showcasing results of the survey. Graphic by Kaylyn Fischer


Music plays a big role in society, as well as can offer many benefits to ones life or health. Music apps are becoming very popular due to the varieties each app can offer.

When asked what music app was their favorite, most South students said Spotify. The students liked that Spotify is cheap and that they can play whatever music they want. There was a total of 45 South students that were surveyed.

“I liked Spotify because it gives a majority of new things to listen to based on the songs you have saved in your playlist.” Alyssa Kerr, 11, said.

Although Spotify is a downloadable app for all electronic devices, most electronics have a pre-downloaded music app.

“The main reason I like Apple music is because it’s already on my phone and the radio stations are the kind of music I like.” Jack Byrne, 9, said.

The common downside to pre-downloaded music apps is you may have to purchase music from the company, such as for Apple products you can buy songs from Itunes, apps like Spotify and Pandora you just have to search for the song or radio station to have your music.

“Pandora is my favorite music app because it is allowed through the school wifi; I have unlimited skips on my account, and it’s a lot cheaper than spotify or Apple Music.” Brendon Gassmann, 12, said.

Graph showcasing results of the survey. Graphic by Kaylyn Fischer