Mavs Care Week aims to raise $3,300 for Caring Hearts



South’s Counseling Department started Mavs Care Week, from Nov. 27 – Dec. 1, to help raise funds for Caring Hearts, an organization in the Maize area. The goal for the week is to raise $3,300 to help buy winter necessities and presents for 11 families, over 40 people.

In years past, the Business Professionals of America club hosted Jingle All the Way as the means for raising funds to donate to Caring Hearts. This year, however, BPA will not host Jingle All the Way, and Mavs Care Week takes its place.

“I am very excited for Mavs Care Week, and I am going to be making sure everything gets done,” Tamara Luce, Counseling Secretary, said. “It is hard to compare Mavs Care Week to Jingle All the Way, because I think the week of activities is different from the one night fundraiser. We are hoping this will be very successful.”

Mavs Care Week will have several new activities, like a Secret Candy Cane Sale, Send a Christmas Carol, Pie A Teacher and a Christmas movie during MavTime on Nov. 30. Students and staff can pay $1 each day to dress up throughout the week; dress-up themes include Christmas sweater, Christmas pajamas, hat day and Christmas colors.

“My favorite thing has to be the Secret Candy Cane Sale,” Carly McNerney, 12, said. “Mainly because we got the idea from Mean Girls, and it has raised a lot of money so far, and people seem to be enjoying it.”

One of the possible activities that is available is a Secret Candy Cane sale for only $1 from Monday- Thursday. The Christmas carol is a $20 service where the Mav Mentors will sing three Christmas carols to anyone of your choice at their work. They’ll also offer carols for students to give each other for $5.

“I think sending a Christmas Carol is the most fun,” Lydnsey Brown, counselor, said. “Because who doesn’t want to brighten someone else’s day and the best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear!”

As of Nov. 29, students and staff donated over $700 on the way to $3,300.