CACOW volunteers at Smoke Eater softball game


CACOW members walking around collecting tickets Photo By B. Jones-Rupp


Colleges look at a lot of things high school students do: grades, behavior, attendance, and they even look for volunteering hours. Volunteering also develops character and is very helpful to others. At South the volunteering club is called CACOW, the Community Adjuvabit Club of Wichita. They go to different events around Wichita to help raise money for a variety of events.

“We usually get events by the leaders because they will look around,” Mark Bradshaw, sponsor, said. “And there are some places like Tanganyika that needs lots of volunteers and asks us every year. Katie Brown, our current leader, is doing an amazing job making connections for us like 5K Runs, and the Smoke Eaters event.”

On Sept. 23, CACOW was able to go help volunteer at a Smoke Eater’s softball game. The game was to raise money for Via Christi Burn Center. The event had been called off for a few years, but this year it was brought back.

“They needed 30-50 members,” Katie Brown, 11, said. “We did raffle tickets, score keeping, cleaning, basically doing almost everything.”

CACOW does multiple events throughout the year. Some are made up by the CACOW members or they go out and look for events or they get calls from other places to help them.

CACOW members walking around collecting tickets Photo By B. Jones-Rupp

“Sometimes people reach out to us because they need volunteers,” Krystal Le, 11, said. “And sometimes we set up events ourselves and run it ourselves, like movies on the mezzanine last year and sometimes we contact them if they need help.”