College Mondays create conversation starters


Flyer advertising College Monday’s. Photo Courtesy of Lyndsey Brown


College Mondays are a new addition to South’s student life. It is the first Monday of each month that gives students and staff the opportunity to show their college spirit.

Lyndsey Brown, the new student counselor at South, left her first mark on the school with her introduction of College Mondays.

“We really want to create a college going culture at school,” Brown said.

Also College Mondays are being introduced at the school to start conversations. College Mondays serve as a conversation starter between student and staff.

“Mr. Vinduska [Will Vinduska] came up to me and said ‘Hey, I have this student and we got to talking about colleges because of the college t-shirt he was wearing’ and that got me thinking,” Brown said.

Flyer advertising College Monday's. Photo Courtesy of Lyndsey Brown

The Counseling office posted flyers advertising College Mondays. Photo courtesy of Lyndsey Brown