Television takes up new residency

by Austyn Esser

Brandon Wolff, physical education South Middle, donated a brand new Samsung television to the coaches of South High. With no need for the television Brent Pfeifer, physical education, offered the television to anyone who could load it on Nov. 28.

“I heard about the TV in Mrs. (Brenda) Pfeifer’s class and Mr. Pfeifer generously gave it to me,” Ryan Messing, 12, said.

Tanner Ricke, Joe Hobert, and Robbie Sponsel, all 12, helped load the television into Ricke’s truck immediately after school. When the television went up for grabs, Ricke considered the thought, but realized he did not have enough space for the large size of the television.

“Ryan didn’t have any big TVs so I decided he should get it,” Ricke said.

The generosity did not stop at Pfeifer when he offered the donation up.

“I told him that the coach was giving it away and that I would haul it for him for his Christmas present,” Ricke said.

The remote control proved to be the only issue with the new addition to Messing’s bedroom.

“I have hooked it up, but the remote I had for my prior TV wouldn’t let me change the volume or channel on the one I just got,” Messing said.

The problem was solved when they realized the remote was left behind in the coaches’ office. Messing received the television with only one condition: finding a way to load it off and two special requests of Pfeifer’s.

“Cody Weston and I had to arm wrestle and I won,” Messing said. “I also had to work really hard in weights class.”

In the end Messing received the television at no financial fee and thanked Pfeifer with a hug of appreciation.