All Shook Up


South choir presented the musical All Shook Up on Mar. 2, 3 and 4. This is the first main-stage musical that the vocal department has independently produced, and many actors were new to the stage.

“Our core cast demonstrated an amazing amount of talent and growth through the process,” Aaron Weatherbie, choir, said. “But what impressed me the most was the way the chorus rallied around themselves and supported everyone involved. They made this an amazing experience and one that will not be forgotten.”

The average number of people who showed up to the event all three nights were around 250.

“I was nervous the first night,” Kiya Schmitt, 9, said. “But after that I was fine.”

Even though there were lots of people there, everyone seemed excited to perform.

“I was looking forward to the crowd’s reaction,” Chloe Hansen, 12, said. “It was funny watching them seeing the musical from beginning to end.”

There were 10 main roles in the musical but the full cast size included all choir classes.

“When I auditioned for the part I was really confident,” Danielle Smith, 12, said. “When I saw the results I was excited.”

Rehearsals and setting up for the play took about a month in time.

“It took a long time to set up the scenery,” Jonah Clevenger, 9, said. “We didn’t finish till the day before the show.”

Scott Slack and Audrey Watson, both 12, rehearse for South musical "All Shook Up". Photo by R. McClurg
Scott Slack and Audrey Watson, both 12, rehearse for South musical “All Shook Up”. Photo by R. McClurg