Arguing for fun


Preparing their speeches, the debate team gets ready to argue each of their cases in pairs of two.

“We debate a topic that is given to us, and we create a case,” Camie Shivers, 11, said. “We are either on the side that supports the topic or against the topic.”

Debaters joined the team for many reasons, some different than others.

“I joined because debaters have the highest rate for being accepted into colleges, and they have the highest rate in scholarships, about 40%,” Keaton Donaghue, 9, said. “You have a higher rate for getting scholarships and it makes you an effective speaker overall.”

Making sure you are able to answer any question your opponent asks you and supporting your claim is very important going when going into a meet.

“Normally, I would spend the night before figuring out my sources by going to different websites and gathering all the facts I can,” Brandon French, 11, said. “Mentally, you could psych yourself out a little bit, but it all comes down to having your sources ready.”

Jake Onderick, 12, argues in a mock presidential debate. The debate took place Oct. 21 in the auditorium. Photo by L. Dolph