District releases draft for boundaries


Current sent boundaries released to the public.


As of this morning, Chad Higgins, Maize Superintendent, released the proposed boundary limits.

“[At the] Maize Board of Education meeting, board members voted unanimously to move to a hybrid boundary-feeder system for Maize USD 266,” Higgins wrote in a letter sent to district community members.

As of right now, students in Maize Middle or Maize South Middle are still able to preference which high school they will attend. K-5 will have to follow boundary assignments, unless the legacy exemption goes into effect for those students.

As written, elementary students would be placed as they are now, in any of our elementary schools and following older siblings.” Higgins wrote. “Fifth-graders would attend boundary-assigned schools next year. Middle and high school students would return to their current schools until they advance to high school or graduate.”

Younger siblings eligible for the legacy exemption (regardless of age) must identify which feeder system to attend prior to Dec. 15, 2016.

“Members approved the student placement policy as proposed Oct. 10, with a new amendment that allows for an exemption option for younger siblings in grades K-5 of students who currently are attending a USD 266 middle school or high school,” Higgins wrote.

The proposed boundaries are set as far west as 151st W between 13th and 85th and as far east as West St between 29th, 45th and 53rd for Maize High. South is as far west as Maize Rd between 17th and 40th st, and as far east as West St between 17th and 29th.

The proposed map indicates which portions of our community would be assigned to attend Maize Middle School and Maize High School and which portions would be assigned to Maize South Middle School and Maize South High School,” Higgins said.

Board members will meet at 7 p.m. Thurs., Oct. 20 to hear community feedback about the policy and again at 7 p.m. Oct. 24 to potentially vote on the policy and see a recommended map.