Showing faith



The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a club where students get together to grow in their faith and make new friends.

“FCA is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which took the place of T.A.G., which was Talk About God, which is what our original Bible club was,” Holly Edwards, 12. said. “Our sponsor, Officer Isaacs, was fired, so we didn’t have a sponsor to run the club, so we had an FCA sponsor run it. The cross country coach runs it now, so there is a lot of popularity for the club.”

Many students go right after school to the lecture hall to do fun activities. This club is open to anyone who wants to join.

“I joined because I like to talk to other Christians from my school, and we get to talk about God,” Tim Dobson, 11, said. “This club has inspired me to reach out to other people and invite them to join us and to share my faith more.”

This club is a great way to show your faith and be able to talk about God with the other people in the club that show the same interests.

“I was a part of the original group called T.A.G., and I really like showing my faith in the the school and showing what kind of person I am and how I can really bring God’s light in the hallways,” Amy Haskell, 10, said. “I heard about it mostly from the cross country people because the cross country coach, Coach Parr, is actually the main leader of FCA.”