May the course be with you


The South cross country team was off and ready to run on Sept. 3 at the Bishop Carroll Invitational meet at Lake Afton.

In order to train for these meets, every person on the team needs to be on a set schedule for how much they run and how to eat appropriately before they race.

“Each week for cross country, we go hard, and the next day we recover,” Lily Nice, 9, said. “We do long distance on recovery days, and then we do fast sprints on non-recovery days. During our free time, we still have to run and eat healthy to prepare for meets.”

Team bonding is something that the cross country team also takes into consideration. Everyone does not just go to class with their teammates, they set up team bonding parties for everyone to attend.

“The most fun part about cross country is the team bonding. We have a pasta party every Thursday,” said Kelsey Trapp, 9. “The people around me help motivate me to run faster and encourage me.”

Other than the people around them who encourage them, they have certain mindsets when going into a meet. Some team members run for fun, and some run to medal.

“My goals this season is to do the 20-minute 5k and to become closer with my team,” Brooke Merriman, 9, said. “I joined cross country because my brother did it, and I love cross country. I have done it ever since middle school, and it’s really fun. I love running.”

Teammates honor the previous cross country coach, Alan Birdsell, who passed away over the summer, by writing “Run for the Bird” on their calves. The South team ran at the Bishop Carroll Invitational on Sept. 3. Photo by G. Shields