“Quake”ing up Kansas


Kansas felt the shockwave from a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred in northern Oklahoma at 7:02 in the morning on Sept. 3.

Many of South’s students felt the shock while they were doing everyday activities. Some students never felt an earthquake before and had stories to tell about their first experience.

“I was in my room, and a friend was coming over, so I was getting ready,” Addison Parks, 9, said. “I have a makeup mirror in my room, and it was shaking, so I looked over and saw the side mirrors flapping and my wall shaking. It was the first one I have experienced, and I was super pumped about it.”

In Kansas, there are not as many earthquakes compared to other states. Other states take safety precautions and run earthquake drills in schools to prepare residents for earthquakes.

“I would start preparing for earthquakes in the future because in Kansas, buildings aren’t very sturdy, unlike places where earthquakes are more common, like in California,” Ben Hauser, 12, said. “I would get under something sturdy so if anything fell, it wouldn’t crush me.”

Some teachers and students are more used to earthquakes because of where they used to live. Blake Smith, Earth Science, grew up in California, like Hauser did. They have both experienced big earthquakes.

“I would get under a desk if there was an earthquake. I grew up in California, so I was used to them,” Smith said. “They told me to stand in a doorway, but they say it’s not safe now. My mom used to have me run outside, which I think is a bad thing also because the house might collapse on you while you are trying to do so.”

Students at South felt a 5.8 magnitude earthquake from Oklahoma on Sept. 3. Photo illustration by L. Smith