Maverick marching band receives “Superior” rating at Kansas State


Students stretch before marching band practice. They performed numbers from the Cirque du soleil – La Nouba show and received a superior rating. Photo by L. Schumaker

by Austyn Esser and Dale Small

Oct.15 South band performed at Kansas State University and received a superior rating, the highest mark. This was the first lone competition for the school since the bands from South and Maize High were previously combined.

“The downside is that we miss our friends from Maize High, but we have such a strong family vibe now,” trombone section leader Bethany Heintz, 11, said. “We have really raised the bar this year because since we’re a small band everyone has to really push their limits to succeed.”

Students were not about to let the obvious smaller size of the school hold them back in any section of the band.

“Having only four people on color guard was really weird at first, but we have come such a far way and we’ve improved so much,” color guard captain Madie Loomis, 10, said.

With one competition already ranking superior, confidence is higher for the next competition on Oct.26.

“I think at Andover next week we’re going to bring it,” Loomis said.

In addition to the initial performance, Loomis will also be presenting her self-written rifle solo.

“It’s really nerve wracking because if I drop it once, it screws up the whole thing. But it proves that anybody can get out there and do it with a lot of practice,” Loomis said.

Being awarded not only calmed the earlier nerves, but left some students silenced.

“I was so happy, I was basically speechless when they said that we had superior rating,” flute captain Sara Gift, 11, said.

In Andover they will perform the same songs from the Cirque du soleil – La Nouba show including the following: Distorted, à la lune, Reve Rogue, and Urban.

“I’m really excited about the superior rating, it shows that our band is not inferior but that we are superior,” Heintz said.