Juniors win Compassion Character Cup with donations to homeless


by Jarret Nave

In an attempt to boost student character, specifically compassion, South students were encouraged to bring hygiene products during Homecoming Week. To motivate them even more, each class competed to win the Character Cup.

Amber McNew, business, the host of Character Cup, thinks the activity is a good way to get students involved in the community.

“It something we can do for class pride, and it is a way to show good character,” McNew said.

Juniors won the competition with 345 items, which was followed up by the senior who came in second with 185 items. Freshmen then took third with 24 items, which left behind sophomores with 14 items.

Alex Corbett, 12, thought the juniors would win because they had Dalton Glasscock, 11, on their side.

“I think it’s a good thing for Maize South to have, and have it keep going” Corbett said. “I think it is a good opportunity to show class pride and support of the community.”

The items collected were taken to a homeless shelter. The Character Cup was just started this year. The activity for next month’s Character Cup is still undecided.