Tweeters express dislike over new ‘like’ button



On Nov. 3, Twitter users around the world were in for a shock. The original way to express your liking or agreement for something on Twitter was to favorite a tweet, but as of Nov. 3, the ‘favorite’ button was no more.

Twitter was going for a more universal symbol for liking something, so they ditched the star and replaced it with a heart, and changed the name of the action to “liking” as opposed to “favoriting.”

In a recent blog post, Twitter posts, “The heart is more expressive, enabling you to convey a range of emotions and easily connect with people. And in our tests, we found that people loved it.”

But for South students, that was not the case. In a poll conducted over Twitter, South students voted 86% in favor of the ‘favorite’ button, and 14% in favor of the ‘like’ button.

“I do not like the new ‘like’ button because it is copying Facebook and Instagram,” Grace Shields, 9, said. “I feel like they are trying to be more modern and up-to-date but the original was way better.”

Twitter taking away the originality is not the only thing that South dislikes about the new like. Some students had been Twitter users for years and grew to love the star.

“I do not like the new ‘like’ button because I had a special bond with the star,” Teanna Echols, 12, said. “Twitter just took it away without my permission.”

Whether or not South students like the new button, Twitter made a decision that they will not turn back on.

“I do not know why Twitter wanted to copy Facebook,” Joel Powers, 12, said. “Twitter had their own thing going for them, they did not need to change it.”

The results from the ‘Like’ vs. ‘Favorite’ poll. The poll was conducted over Twitter on Nov. 10. Photo by A. Funschelle