Volleyball remains undefeated, beats Clearwater


Players take a reath and throw their hands in the air, celebrating yet another win on Sept. 27. The team tucked three more wins under its undefeated belt against ElDorado, Clearwater and Wellington. Photo by T. Mitchell

by Austyn Esser

South varsity volleyball girls continued to tighten the grip on their undefeated title on Sept. 27 as they managed to win all three games against El Dorado, Wellington and Clearwater.

“It felt good to accomplish our goal of winning all 3 games that night. We wanted to stay undefeated. The most points any team scored was fourteen,” Kelsey Pracht, 12, said.

This was the first home game for the girls and the fans who showed up for support only added to their initial enthusiasm.

“Since it was our first home game we were really excited to be at home and show people what we can do,” Mackenzie Obermeyer, 12, said. “We were excited that our fans came to supported us and we kept up how good we’ve been doing this season and we didn’t let them down.”

When the third game against Clearwater approached, the team knew to be prepared for a tough battle.

“We knew Clearwater would be our toughest opponent because they were our first loss last year and we had already beaten them at Andale [this year]. They gave us a challenge,” Pracht said.

Clearwater defeated South in the past, but that was not the case this year.

“I feel like they didn’t challenge us as much as they had the previous game, but it was a fun game,” Pracht said.