Multicultural Club celebrates with club dinner Sept. 10


Multicultural Club members gathered outside Olive Garden. Students mingled while waiting for their 25-person reservation to be ready. Photo by A. Esser


Members attentively looked at their menus while at the restaurant for their first club dinner. Having all the tables pushed together gave students an opportunity to talk to and get to know others. Photo by A. Esser

by Austyn Esser

South Multicultural Club expanded and now consists of a 50 members. The club met for dinner at Olive Garden on Sept. 10 to start the year off; although, not every member was able to attend the dinner the 25 person turnout was enough to take up two sections of tables.

“The purpose was so that each member could get to know one another and I feel as if our goal was achieved,” president Michael Guillen, 12, said.

Guillen has more on his plate than just planning leisurely dinners for the club; the vast list of duties goes on.

“Presidency entails a lot of work, a lot of stress, and a lot of devotion. If I am not dealing with finances or scheduling events then I am consulting with Rachel Delzer, our sponsor; Josh Michel, 10, vice president; Fatima Balout, 11, secretary; Jasmine Jones, 12, representative; or Principal Hickerson,” Guillen said. “But at the end of the day when I sit back and think about the good we’ve done for our community, not to mention the happiness and togetherness our club has, I realize that all that hard work, stress, and devotion I put into it is worth it.”

Plans for the fall festival in October are already in place. South and Maize High Multicultural Clubs are combining this year to not only construct a float to ride in the parade, but also to paint faces of those who wish to contribute to the club funds.

All fun events aside, the club has a much larger picture they plan to achieve.

“Our main focus of the club is to break any racial or clique barriers while bringing different ethnicities together to give back to our community and to help others,” Guillen said.