Varsity and junior varsity soccer sweep Mulvane


Cooper McClure, 10, runs down the field at the junior varsity game versus Mulvane. South defeated Mulvane 10-1. Photo by C. Kasitz

by Brandon Rimer
South’s varsity and junior varsity soccer teams both won their games in Mulvane on Sept 20. Varsity won 10–0, while junior varsity won 10-1. After being up by more than nine points at the half, Mulvane forfeited the games.
“There have been a few minor injuries,” Alex Green, 10, said. “Soccer is the best sport there is.”
Players had mixed feelings about the game ending at halftime, but were glad for the victory.
“It was alright (the game ending early) because I had some homework to come and do,” Bacon said.
Bryson Stricker, 11, made three goals at the junior varsity game, a hat trick. Nick Richardson and Aaron Howard, both 12, scored several goals for varsity. Howard has been playing for twelve years.
“I felt bad for Mulvane, but I’m glad they called the game at half,” Jake Eskridge, 10, said.