Pep club to name Maverick Maniac at home games


Students pep it up at the Aug. 29 pep club meeting. Students laughed and cheered as they recited the 'Big Gold' chant. Photo by T. Mitchell

by Taylor Mitchell

With tactics to pack the stands, South’s Bullpen members and sponsor, Robbye Herrington, science, put those plans into motion by teaching new members the cheers and chants at the Aug. 29 pep club meeting.

“I am excited about what we have in store for this year and getting new students and freshmen involved in school and attending games,” Dalton Glasscock, 11, said. “Support and involvement is what school is about, and pep is what makes school enjoyable.”

Besides teaching new members about what to do at games and pep assemblies, Bullpen leaders, Chance Dickinson and Avery Gerleman, both 12, and Glasscock introduced the Maverick Maniac.

“[The Maverick Maniac] will be chosen at the four home football games, probably around fourth quarter and it’s based on whoever has the most spirit and good sportsmanship for that night,” Herrington said. “They’ll get a t-shirt and a fun hat. At the last pep assembly for fall sports we’ll have a spirit off between all the people that won [Maverick Maniac] at the other games for the top prize.”

The Bullpen will also implement class officers and president, Gerleman, to work with the cheerleaders to plan pep assemblies and lead group cheers at games with the help of the pep band.

“This year is going to be crazy and fun,” Gerleman said. “ I’m so excited for football games, pep assemblies and to be senior pep president.”

Robbye Herrington, science, Dalton Glasscock, 11, Chance Dickinson and Avery Gerleman, both 12, explain to Bullpen members the new policies. The Bullpen meeting took place Aug. 29 in the lecture hall. Photo by T. Mitchell