Psychology students introduce themselves through body outlines

by Taylor Mitchell


Austin Mormando and Jacob Schober, both 12, work on their body outlines for Sue Kallenbach's psychology class. Students used the drawings to introduce themselves. Photo by T. Mitchell

In a lesson in getting to know one another Sue Kallenbach, social studies, incorporated psychology and collages into what could have been a lackluster introduction on Aug. 22.

“We talk about the definition of psychology, mental process, and behavior. What makes you tick,” Kallenbach said.

To Kallenbach it was crucial for her students to know one another before spending the next term in the same classroom.    

“In all my classes I tried to think of an interesting way for students to introduce themselves,” Kallenbach said.

The body outline allowed students to select their likes and dislikes and convey them to their peers in an illustrated form.

“The best part was listening to my classmates present their posters, and to tell people what they need to know about you,” Austin Mormando, 12, said.

While this activity was merely an ice breaker, it allowed students an outlet to further express themselves to their peers.