Weightlifters break thousand-pound mark

by Collin Kasitz and Brandon Rimer

During weightlifting class on Aug. 22, Cody Weston, 12, works on improving his clean lift. Weston cleaned 185- pounds that day. Photo by C. Kasitz

During the 2010-2011 school year weight lifting classes, coaches Brent Pfiefer and Steve Rasmussen started a boys’ record board as well as the 1,000 Pound Club. In addition to the ongoing boys’ records, a girls’ record board will be initiated this year.

“We started the record board because we wanted to keep track of the kids’ progress,” Pfiefer said.

Seniors Tanner Ricke and Joe Hobert each had their own reasons to strive to make the 1,000 Pound Club.

“Last year I was 40-pounds off, so that got me fired up to get to 1,000-pounds,” Hobert said.

To make the 1000 Pound Club Ricke had to lift 530-pounds on squats, 330-pounds on clean, and 225-pounds on bench press, while Hobert lifted 405-pounds on squat, 285-pounds on clean, and 315 -pounds on bench press.

“I needed to get stronger for football so I could make myself a better player,” Ricke said.  

Aaron Jackson, athletic director, told why he thought the coaches made the record board and the club.

“They made the board and the club because they wanted to motivate the kids,” Jackson said.