Cookie prices increase, so also does student frustration

by Jarret Nave

Keeman Garcia, 10, grabs a few cookies from the ala carte line. Garcia said if the prices continue to go up, he'll stop buying. Photo by Madie Loomis

Cookie costs climbed to 50 cents each this year, which is a 25 percent increase from 40 cents last year, and a 100 percent increase from two years ago. With the plummeting economy, even something as small as a cookie has students and staff in a huff.

“We try not to do this (raise prices) unless we have to. It depends on the economy,” Julie Shrewsbury, director of food service, said.

Although freshly baked cookies have been a traditional part of the daily ala carte menu, students were certainly not pleased.

“I don’t like it because they were 25 cents before. The cost is just outrageous,” Tally Austin, 11, said.

Sophomore Keeman Garcia, had little to say of his lunch time frustration.

“It’s (cookie prices going up) stupid and I probably wouldn’t buy them again if the price goes up,” he said.

The cookies come from Ben E. Keith, distributor, and because of inflation issues the prices went up.

“I really hate that this happened, and I hope the price doesn’t continue to go up from year to year,” Cindy Kohl, kitchen manager, said.