Spanish speaking students set for Spain in summer


Excitement is brewing among some students at South anxiously awaiting the trip of a lifetime.This summer, a group of twelve ecstatic travelers enrolled in Spanish will journey to Spain to spend two weeks abroad. Katie Miller, 12, is fortunate enough to experience this opportunity for the second time in high school.

“I really enjoyed the last trip, and I believe this time around it will be more cultural than just learning facts,” Katie Miller said. “I am most excited to experience the culture again and to make a ton of memories.”

For some, this is the first time travelling abroad. Carrie Miller, 9, will be following in her sister’s footsteps.

“I am most excited to go to a different country because I have never been out of the United States,” Carrie Miller said. “The first thing I want to do is go to the beach.”

After the 15 hour flight, students will immediately begin their journey across Spain with no time for rest or relaxation.

“We are starting in the south of Spain and working our way north,” Luke Bontrager, 11, said. “We are going to a number of places including Seville, Madrid, Barcelona and Granada, to name a few.”

Many students are expecting a bustling atmosphere, delicious foods, and a better understanding of the language while becoming acclimated to the Spanish way of life.

“I expect that the streets will be really chaotic and that it will be full of spirit and culture,” Madysen Nestor, 11, said. “I also hope that my Spanish will drastically improve from being submerged in the language for two weeks.”

Rachel Delzer, Spanish, and Heidi McCanlies, English, will be the group’s chaperones.

Rachel Delzer, Spanish, reviews language structure with her students in preparation for the trip to Spain. The trip will be this summer for a two week duration. Photo by B. Snook