Spain excursion creates memorable moments

South Spain travelers "bridge the cultural gap" and pose for a picture across a river in Seville, Spain. Nineteen South students participated in the trip. Photo by Rachel Delzer

by Emily Steenbock

For 19 South Spanish students, summer 2011 offered no break from the learning experience as they used their language skills during a 10-day trip to Spain. The trip, from June 20-30, featured long flights, train rides and excursions.

“My favorite part about going to Spain was actually practicing my Spanish skills where only Spanish is spoken. I’ve been learning it since my seventh grade year and I finally felt how far I’ve come,” Michael Guillen, 12, said.

The trip, which included stops in Barcelona, Spain and the Mediterranean Sea gave students a chance to see monuments as well as everyday life.

“The original 10-day trip turned out to be 11 days when we missed our flight,” Rachel Delzer, Spanish, said. The group missed their return flight when leaving Spain.

“It was really great to have free time and wander around all of the old, interesting buildings that Spain has,” Mady Luckert, 11, said.

Despite being surrounded by century’s old buildings and places of interest, the students also had the opportunity to bond with one another.

“A funny moment was when Jeff Chapman and Brian Taylor (both ‘ll South grads) tried to Flamenco dance in the Mediterranean Sea,” Guillen said. “Also, the time when Jeff had to stop in the middle of El Corte De Ingles and put aloe vera on his head to stop the sunburn from burning!”

Delzer plans to talk with her incoming students about the upcoming trips. Most students who attended the trip this summer raised money through fundraisers for nearly one-and-a-half years prior to the trip.

“The next trip will be in June with MHS, and will be 16 days long, and it will be in the summer of 2013,” Delzer said. “I’m really looking forward to it! I think this trip is good for them (the students) because they’re exposed to new culture, food and places.”


Mady McKay, 12, Katie Miller, 11, and Michael Guillen, 12, look around in a store in Madrid, Spain. The travelers spent ten days on their excursion. Photo by Rachel Delzer