Students prepare, present World History projects


by Gabby Buckner

During the last two weeks of the term, Mike Domnick’s World History classes started presentations over a topic that the students picked out at the beginning of the nine weeks.

Due to the fact that this one PowerPoint decided 17% of the students’ grades, some were worried about what their final grade in the class will be.

“I have been kind of nervous about giving my presentation,” Colin Adams, 10, said. “I hope it will all work out well that way I can keep my A in the class.”

These presentations ranged from major historical figures to the history of different religions. The students incorporated five different themes into their presentations and also timed their slides to the speed that they spoke.

“My topic is over Joan of Ark, and I have about 21 slides that I will be showing the class,” Melia Storrie, 10, said. “Hopefully my timing will be good and my PowerPoint will look good.”

By having the last seven weeks to prepare for this event, the students presented daily and put their best effort in to achieve the grade.